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Colorado Burial Preserve is the state’s first dedicated green cemetery. Options are available now in Florence, Colorado
You can choose final arrangements that give back to the earth.
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Natural Burial

Burial here means returning to the earth with a natural footprint, without toxic chemicals or needless concrete and metal.

Resting in peace here means no wasteful irrigation or fossil fuels burned for mowing. Loved ones are laid to rest in the simple way humans have done for millennia, with a simple shroud or biodegradable casket.

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Cremation Garden

Families choosing cremation will find affordable inurnment plots to establish a final resting place. Our burial gardens are designed with family legacies in mind, with spaces for urns adjacent to full-body graves to allow for everyone’s preferences.

Take the important step of committing cremated remains to the earth in a place that will be preserved for future generations.

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