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Traditional cemeteries manicure their lawns with chemical regimens, irrigate with precious potable water, and require you to spend additional money on a vault and casket which come from a global supply chain of virgin materials. Even a simple cremation emits carbon dioxide and other compounds which can contribute to greenhouse warming and climate change. For those who are concerned about our lifetime footprints on this planet, natural burial is the choice with the lowest possible ecological impact.

Sun rises in a cloudless sky over green prairie and mountainst
Sunrise over Coyote Ridge at CBP

Family plots are available now

Our gardens are designed for any combination of full-body burial and cremation placement. The plots are sized generously to allow burial practices that preserve existing vegetation at the site. Some plots can accommodate native stone boulder memorial markers, a bench or a nesting box for protected bird species. A family plot is a pay-it-forward gift to future generations, and with our Native Prairie Restoration program, it's a gift to the wildlife who call Colorado home, too.

Plan ahead for peace of mind

Making arrangements in advance is one of the biggest steps you can take to ease the path your family must take when a loved one dies. Choose Colorado Burial Preserve and let them know you care for the planet we leave to them. Buying today protects your family against inevitable future price increases. Payment plans are available when planning ahead.

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