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Colorado Burial Preserve, located in Florence, is currently OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY during construction. We are underway with infrastructure projects such as an off-grid HQ office with restrooms, upgrades to our driveways and parking areas, an outdoor amphitheatre service area, hiking trails and a discovery-demonstration garden for ecological education. Because of our commitment to preserving the existing ecological diversity found on the site, especially arid-adapted plants that can be slow-growing, some of this work has to be done at the speed of hand tools. We believe this slower pace of initial development is a necessary trade-off to avoid unnecessary habitat destruction.

Orange lichen on a dead tree branch in front of Colorado sky
Orange lichen works on decomposing an old juniper tree at CBP.

Call now for immediate need.

The first six burial garden sections at CBP have been platted and protected by the Endowment Care investment. Even though the hospitality construction is ongoing, we are fully operational as a cemetery in cases of immediate need. Family with loved ones interred here receive updates and instructions for safely visiting the site throughout the construction process.

Pre-arrange today for the future.

Reserving a cemetery plot today is a gift to your family and to the planet. Your family's plot conserves a portion of native Colorado prairie and establishes a new chapter of family history. We have areas suitable for natural burial, for burying cremated remains, and plots which accommodate a combination of these options in a large family group.

Site visits for pre-arrangement tours are available by appointment. Call 719-280-2614.

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