Colorado Burial Preserve is sixty-five acres of former rangeland, situated where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. The ecosystem here represents a mixture of mountainous pinyon/juniper and short grass prairie plant communities. While the area is blessed with an incredibly diverse selection of native, arid-adapted plants, Colorado Burial Preserve has pledged to take measures to increase species diversity and coverage, eradicate invasive plants and treat the entirety of our acreage as a conserved wildlife habitat.

Sunflowers grow under blue sky and mountain views

Native Prairie Restoration

Your burial plot will be enrolled in our Native Prairie Restoration program, our promise to seed and weed in the disturbed areas until the natural balance has been restored. Southern Colorado has several invasive grasses that are often the first to get established if disturbed ground is left untended. For best results, the Native Prairie Restoration is a progressive planting of a variety of arid-adapted species that help reduce erosion, compete against the invaders and provide benefits to the pollinators, birds and mammals that share our habitat. We use only locally-adapted seed, organic gardening techniques and rely on rain and snowfall for irrigation.

Purple wildflowers and wild Colorado prairie
Solanum eleagnifolium flowers, Hordeum pusillum grass and Salsola tragus tumbleweed at Colorado Burial Preserve

Endowment Care

Endowment care is a provision of state law that ensures cemeteries remain an asset to their communities. Colorado Burial Preserve has endowed a perpetual care fund that meets these requirements and ensures we will never be under pressure to establish graves at a higher density than is healthy for the prairie ecosystem. The purchase of a burial plot at Colorado Burial Preserve includes a proportionate investment into the endowment care program, so you can be assured the cemetery will always be supervised and maintained in good standing.

certified natural burial grounds

CBP is a Green Burial Council-certified Natural Burial Grounds, having been designed to meet ecological standards since our founding in 2020. We pledge to protect our land with less-dense burial gardens, conserve sensitive areas with no development ever, and invest in the future with endowment care.

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