Cremation Garden

When making arrangements for cremation, it's important to consider the final disposition of the urn. Even if you have decided to keep the cremated remains at home for now, ground burial (known as "inurnment") represents a permanent, environmentally-friendly answer to the question of what will happen to the ashes in the long-term- they are returned to the earth. A headstone or memorial marker provides a permanent record of the life that was lived, and the family is provided with a place to visit, to grieve or to make new memories in a serene native prairie environment.

Aerial view of mountain and plains and a dirt road

Every burial plot has options

Colorado Burial Preserve has designed smaller graves appropriate for cremation throughout the green burial gardens. The plots consist of native prairie plants, including grasses, wildflowers, cacti and bushes of various sizes. This setting makes it easy to find a picturesque spot to commit cremated remains to the earth. Options for personalization range from a natural stone memorial marker to an engraved bird nestbox or cemetery bench.

A winter scene of a mountain overlooking a ravine
Snow melts into Cocklebur Creek at Colorado Burial Preserve

Environmental Considerations

Let the crematory know you require a biodegradable urn. Typically, these include a bio-based vinyl liner instead of a plastic bag. If the cremated remains already occupy a container not suitable for green burial, Colorado Burial Preserve has a selection of appropriate alternative receptacles and can assist with the transfer.

What about scattering?

We can not allow scattering of cremated remains. Due to the drenching rains typical of summer thunderstorms, ashes would be washed away from cemetery property before they ever had a chance to commingle with the earth to any significant degree. One of the core environmental goals of the Preserve is to protect the quality of the Arkansas River tributaries we oversee. Therefore, only complete ground inurnment of cremated remains is permitted.

Choose an Urn

Cremation burial in the Preserve can take place with any biodegradable urn, which can include a wide range of found or homemade containers. Upon request, the ashes can even be poured into the grave and no container would be buried. You can choose from a beautiful selection of biodegradable urns suitable for burial, and indoor urns suitable for keepsakes, in the CBP Urn Store.  If you purchase an urn online, it will be shipped to the address you specify (burial arrangements are not included in the online store at this time).

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