What we stand for

Natural burial means giving the body back to the earth in the simplest way. When everything is biodegradable, without embalming or impervious containers to prevent rejoining the soil, it means our final choices can help leave the planet better than we found it. The body can nourish native plants to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and support biodiversity, both of which are important gifts to the future.

It's not just about 'going green'- natural death practices mean the family can participate in the process through as many steps as they want, since there are no dangerous chemicals or heavy equipment to keep them away. To witness a loved one's humble return to the earth is one of our most ancient rituals, and the timeless tradition of simple burial allows Coloradans to continue to access that healing wisdom in our response to death today.

The Preserve is in development as a resource to the community- for anyone to learn about nature, to enjoy a walk on the trails, and of course as a refuge in times of grief. Our Native Prairie Restoration Project is entering its third year with winter seeding of beneficial grasses, shrubs and wildflowers around the corner. We have witnessed the burial and urn burial of 16 incredible Coloradans, and a few more are on the calendar for interment in the next few weeks. The work on the visitor experience is ongoing, and scheduled to be ready for the public next spring. (Watch this space for announcements about the grand opening- We can't wait to invite you in!)

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