Green Burial options for Veterans

CBP was founded to serve anyone who has ever fallen in love with Colorado, no matter where they may have been born. The legacy of military service and training in Colorado has introduced countless families to these beautiful mountains and plains we call home... veterans from far and wide represent nearly 8% of the state's population. Today, more and more veterans see green burial and prairie restoration as a meaningful way to make a final act of service to our homeland. The following is adapted from the publication Why Green Burial is a Veteran's Issue by Lee Webster of the Green Burial Council.

  • Many of our veterans have expressed a heartfelt wish to be buried naturally, affordably, unfettered and with simplicity, in the respectful manner that reflects their lifelong dedication to the American ideals they have served. Nothing resonates more with veterans than the fight to preserve American soil. Natural burial ensures that land used for cemeteries will be left free of toxic chemicals, concrete, fiberglass, steel, and other metals forever.
  • Families choose locally made and sourced biodegradable caskets and shrouds, supporting their local economy and the artists and craftspeople who keep American folk traditions alive.
  • Natural burial represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a permanent steward of the land.
  • Land used for natural burial becomes a tangible monument to the lives of those buried there.

Colorado Burial Preserve is proud to serve the veterans of the Colorado Springs area and beyond. Our monument policies allow certain VA grave markers as a permanent record of the veteran's life and service, at no cost to the family. To see what funeral benefits may be available from the VA, start here.