CBP joins Colorado End-of-Life Collaborative

Colorado Burial Preserve, Ltd. has proudly joined the Colorado End-of-Life Collaborative as an Affiliate Member. The CEOLC are Doulas trained to comfort and support the dying and their families. Clients are empowered to move through this process with a sense of purpose, and less fear. Through education, resources, and hands-on support, this work helps families reclaim dying as a rich and meaningful life stage.

Throughout human history, most deaths would have taken place in the home, attended by loved ones and community elders, and followed by simple disposition in the ground. The bereaved would be actively engaged in the hands-on process of sitting vigil, preparing the deceased, and finally bearing her to the final resting place. These roles and rituals help bind the family and community in support of each other and to the natural cycles of the earth. While our modern society has medicalized death and commodoitized the funeral process, green burial today represents an opportunity for families to reclaim these ancestral practices. Families choosing burial in the Preserve are invited to participate in all phases of the experience. The dying and the bereaved find comfort in knowing the body returns to the earth where its nutrients can bear new life.

Sunset in the Preserve

CBP is proud to be part of a community to better meet the needs of the dying and their families. We envision a time when this important part of the life cycle can be approached with less fear and a greater sense of purpose. Conservation burial helps work towards a better relationship with the end-of-life process and with our home ecosystem.